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Masterbuilder Missions Around the World

David Livingstone said, "God had only one Son, and He made that Son a missionary." Jesus said, "as the Father has sent Me, I also send you." (John 20:21). To go into all the world and win the lost is the primary goal of Christianity, the item closest to the heart of God.

The job is far from finished: two billion people have yet to hear the Gospel, and 1700 entire ethno-linguistic people groups have no practical means of hearing the Gospel as it sits today.

Masterbuilder and its partners are doing our part to advance the kingdom of God on the front lines of evangelism today, in the Ten-Forty Window, Latin America, Europe, and the inner cities of our own United States. Keep us in prayer, E-mail us for further information, and, as the Lord may lead you, send any financial support to...


North India

Emmanuel Lal Sahai

Emmanuel Lal Sahai is the pastor of Siloam Church in New Delhi, India, one of the largest full-gospel Hindi-medium churches in the city.* He is also the dean of Masterbuilder Bible School, which currently has approximately fifteen students.

Emmanuel was saved in the early '80s in a Peter Youngren crusade, received his initial Bible education with the Assemblies of God, and has also earned his BA and MDiv degrees. He worked with Kim Harrington during from 1985-1987, and has been in charge of the school in India since its founding in 1994. He is married with two children.


*Although Hindi is the language of most of North India, a large percentage of the Christians in the capital city are transplanted South Indians, who speak Tamil, Malayalam, and other languages.


North India

Terrie & Kalpana Beede

Terrie Beede, from Resurrection Fellowship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been in North India for the better part of the past two years. He is now concentrating on becoming as fluent as possible in Hindi, while teaching at a home fellowship he has founded. His goal is to go into unreached village areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wife is an Indian national.


Masterbuilder Ministries

Jim Springer

Missionary/Evangelist to Mexico

Jim is a missionary with over thirteen years of service in the country of Mexico. He has ministered in the cities of Aguascalientes and Zacatecas, and has also been in traveling evangelistic ministry for most of that time, starting three new works, leading many to the Lord, and strengthening the local churches he's been involved with. Recently, Jim has been doing tent crusades in various cities of Mexico, working in conjunction with the national pastors of the area. Hundreds are saved and healed at these meetings, which often last several weeks.

Jim is an accomplished musician and uses that talent in his ministry. His preaching style is effective and challenging. Jim is, in short, a missionary worthy of your prayers and support.


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